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All money earned online from home does not require the usual deductions for travel expenses or food purchased outside of the home. There is no need to have had journalistic training although this is of enormous benefit as the standard of English and the grammatical quality is very important. Each writing task may have different keywords that need to be used within the titles and content although these will be clearly stated within the details of the assignment before accepting the job.

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Jobs in Nairobi, Kenya are not easily found and with such a collection of jobs in Kenya available. Jobs in Nairobi are in high demand especially procurement jobs in Kenya and graphic design jobs in Kenya. We have highlighted each job and their requirements to help your hunt for job opportunities in Kenya a lot easier.

Create a Job in Kenya Working Online – Step One

How Can I Create My Own Online Job?

The truth is that you already have the knowledge in you to create your own wealth by making a job for yourself. Think about it; making money is often as simple as knowing what others want and giving it to them. The internet is no different because once you know what people are looking for online you can find ways of giving it to them. You do not need specialist knowledge because there are so many people who have it, you only need to connect the experts with people who need their products or services and you do not need a UK or US visa to make money from UK or US consumers, just a little patience.

Why is PayPal so Important Online?

Without a PayPal Account You're a Nobody Online. This is a stark reality that Kenyan online workers and entrepreneurs need to be aware of. Whether you are an online article writer or operating an ecommerce site in Kenya you will not compete equally without a PayPal account. PayPal was created in 1999 and since then has gained an enviable level of repect all over the world due to the very high security and easy integration offered. Potential customers that would otherwise have used your services will not consider doing business without PayPal.

Paid Online Surveys in Kenya

What are Paid Online Surveys?

News Flash! Before proceeding to online surveys you will need to open up a FREE PayPal Account so you can receive online payments.


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